Oahu plongée – Découvrir la plongée sous marine – première fois plongée Hawaii – baptême Oahu plongée sous-marine.

Oahu Diving FAQs

Oahu scuba diving is a fascinating adventure. Diving in Hawaii has many cool things to see so I know you all have many questions you want to ask. We have put together a bunch of regular questions we usually get on a weekly if not daily basis. Scuba diving in Oahu will leave you with thousands of more questions afterwards. We try to keep it simple and up front for you so scroll down to see if you were thinking the same thing.

Oahu Diving Company Questions

How big is Oahu Diving ?

We are a small dive charter company, you won't be forgotten with us. We run small and have no ambitions to get bigger. Customer service is guaranteed right from the start. Just 4 full time employees and 2 part time helpers.

Does Oahu Diving operate a store ?

Yes and no. Yes we have a small office that we use for course training and dive gear storage. Sure we tried selling gear like a "real" Honolulu dive shop but that is as fun as watching water boil. Not thanks. However we do sell t-shirts, decals and hats. Our primary commitment is to focus our time on our customers, teaching of scuba diving courses and showing our customers Oahu's best dives- not selling a $45 mask. Selling gear is a time consuming effort that will affect our dive operation, increase the price of our dives and not allow us to focus more on you.

How do I make a reservation ?

Simply click here, email us from this page.

What is your cancelation policy ?

Our cancellation policy is very generous. All we ask is for you to let us know at least 24 hours in advance if you can not make the scuba dive tour. We will not charge your credit card. Due to the fact we only take no more than 8 people the sooner you let us know the better we can fill those seats. Canceling your tour the day before and the morning of will make it impossible to fill those seats. Please be courteous- we are sure you would want the same treatment.

Can I bring a guest ?

Right now we only offer space for scuba divers only.

Can I cancel a scheduled dive course ?

Sure you bet, but please let us know one week in advanced. Courses are always a little bit difficult to schedule so please be respectful and let us know right away. We keep our numbers down low for customer service so we can't always fill a seat if you decide to just not show or cancel too late.

Hawaii Scuba Diving Questions

Where will we dive ?

At Oahu Diving we choose our scuba dive locations very carefully. Using the internet, we can first check the ocean buoys to see what part of the island will get swells and surf- the places to avoid. We also use our close friends who work on the waters of Oahu, this seems to be the best source of information believe it or not.

Can I dive during menstrual cycle?

Sure you bet, no problem at all.

What is the water temperature ?

Wow, I hear this one all the time. Water temperature various according to the seasons. Winter temps range from 71 to 74 and will require a full wetsuit- say 3mil to 5mil should be ok. The summer months range from 75 to 79. 3mil shorties and smaller mil suits are ok.

How long are the dives ?

This question varies according to the person in question. Usually we average about 30 minutes per dive. Again, body size, health habits and movement under water play into this.

Is scuba diving safe ?

Does a bear sh...ok , you get the idea. Yes it is, extremely safe. The most dangerous part of your stay in Oahu will be driving to meet us. Did I mention Oahu Diving has the best incident-free record on island. We are the safest and will continue to be the safest.

Are there any sharks ?

We get this a lot with first time scuba divers. Yes, sharks are out there. You have to understand, we are going to play in their "yard" so the chances of seeing sharks are always there. Do we see them everyday ? No we do not. What kind of sharks will we see ? I am sure you were thinking of that question. We typically see the white tip reef sharks then followed by the grey reef shark, the Galapagos shark, tiger shark and hammerhead shark. Encounters are fast, usually 30-40 seconds. Really, sharks are more scared of you underwater, the noise of scuba and our awkward movements make us look like a cheese and ham sandwich that was left in the sun for 3 days in your car. No too appetizing huh ?

What kinds of marine life will we see ?

Another good question I get all the time. We see plenty of reef fish such as the yellow tangs, beautiful Moorish idols, sting rays, eagle rays, turtles, monk seals, butterfly fish and octopuses. You know what the more I think of it, I could fill this whole website up with the types of fish you will see. Of course you need to have an open and understand mindset for diving. There has been plenty of times where we have shown up at diving locations only to be slightly let down from not seeing Hawaiian green sea turtles or other well known marine life of Hawaii.


Which agencies do you certify under ?

We typically use PADI, however we are qualified to teach NAUI and SSI courses to their proper specifications and standards.

Is certifications for life ?

Yes it is, BUT, it is a great idea to stay fresh and up to date with diving. This may mean even heading down to your local pool to get a refresher dive with a qualified instructor before heading out for your dive vacation.

Oahu Diving Frequently Asked Question