Oahu plongée – Découvrir la plongée sous marine – première fois plongée Hawaii – baptême Oahu plongée sous-marine.

Oahu Diving Company Information and Facts

Plongée sous-marine Hawaii

Scuba dive with Oahu Diving - Oahu island-wide dive charter company.

Aloha, and thank you for taking the time to visit Oahu Diving, Oahu's best little scuba diving company in Honolulu. Oahu Diving is a dive charter/ scuba diving training company that is located in Waikiki on the island of Oahu ( near Honolulu) in the U.S. state of Hawaii. We specialize in Hawaii scuba diving adventures such as Oahu shipwrecks, first time diving, beginners divers, shipwreck scuba diving, scuba courses, drift scuba diving, cave diving and finally lava tube diving in Hawaii.

What we noticed was, other scuba diving companies treated their guests' scuba dive in Hawaii adventures like strangers, putting as many people on the diving boats as possible; very similar to what is said in the dive business as "cattle herding." With their high advertising budget and lack of customer service, diving boats are over packed and unsafe. Dive ratios for the top advertising dive companies are approximately six divers for every divemaster/instructor.

In-water rescues were very common and quit frankly we were tired of rescuing customers from inexperienced divemasters. For obvious reasons, Oahu needed a dive company that is safe, people friendly, all about customer service and knows how to have a good time. The unfortunate truth is, most scuba diving companies take anyone on any dive, regardless of their level of skill, age and health; endangering not only the customer in question but also all the other guests that are on the same dive. We pledge not to ever perform this way. We keep the ratios 4 to 1* (ratio can increase to meet the dive groups needs) That is 4 customers to 1 scuba diving instructor. Bigger groups we increase the scuba instructor accordingly. Before you book a dive , ask about the company's safety record. Better yet, just do an Internet search, you may be surprised on what you find.

"Yes we may lose out on business but safety is our #1 goal."

Baptême de plongée

"Nos moniteurs de plongée ont 5000 plongées!"

We take our teaching/guiding very serious and only use seasoned experienced SCUBA diving instructors to meet this criteria. We have no newly certified instructors with 100 dives or less that just moved to Hawaii last month as with our competition. Our staff is 100% legal, U.S. residents who are properly insured with Vicencia and Buckley Insurance Services. Each of us are firm advocates of D.A.N. Diver's Insurance and are properly covered. Not to mention CPR and general first aid. As a matter of fact our Hawaii shipwreck guru Jeff is a Red Cross instructor teaching on average 4-8 classes per month.(Way to go Jeff!) On average, we do approximate 60-100 dives a month which allows us to stay constantly proficient in scuba keeps us better in touch with local conditions, not to mention we know these Hawaii reefs better than our family- getting lost is for the other companies. How about this, we dive all points of Oahu (weather conditions dictate this of course) so we understand where the optimal dive conditions will be at. All dives will have a Scuba Instructor to help you out, not just a divemaster. We are all PADI/NAUI/SSI SCUBA Diving Instructors. Therefore we are all able to teach, guide and properly administer scuba diving ratings. (Divemasters can only supervise scuba instructors and perform underwater tour guide services.) Scuba diving in Oahu will leave you with thousands of more questions afterwards. We try to keep it simple and up front for you so scroll down to see if you were thinking the same thing.

With many dive operators to choose from we would be honored to have the opportunity to show you some of Oahu's best scuba diving. If you haven't scuba dived in a while, don't let this keep you from diving here on Oahu. Our instructors will review, show you how to properly work the gear and handle yourself below. Not to mention we always enjoy sharing dive tips with you. Are you a first time diver, or would you like to introduce a friend or family member to scuba diving? We have a great introductory dive at the reefs certified divers dive on! We do not take first time divers to "kiddie reefs" that indicative of something you see at Disneyland. These are cool reefs with depths of 20 to 40 feet; Check this page out for our Hawaii first time scuba diver program ! Lots of cool sea life to see !

"We are not working to gain experience , we teach the experience."

We recommend booking your dive online with us or over the phone at least 7 days in advance. Especially during the busiest times of the year which is June- September. We dive 365 days a year. Dives are chosen according to the weather and surf conditions.


Merci de visiter Hawaii plongée. Nous espérons que vous venez plongée sous-marine avec nous dans Oahu.

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Le prix comprend;

  • première instruction de plongée de classe
  • deux plongeurs à deux endroits différents.
  • Équipement de plongée inclus avec le prix de la visite.
  • Gratuites photos haute résolution numérique.
  • L'eau potable à bord

Plongée sous-marine à Oahu Diving