Oahu plongée – Découvrir la plongée sous marine – première fois plongée Hawaii – baptême Oahu plongée sous-marine.

Oahu Dive Sites

When scuba diving in Oahu, the choices are unlimited, from beach dives to Hawaii shipwrecks. Hawaii diving locations are endless. With 4 different and unique scuba diving points we can offer you the best possible scuba dive experience while vacationing on Oahu Island. Starting with the North shore of Oahu we sometimes brave the traffic of H-1 in the summer time (June-September) to do some great beach diving and not to mention boat dives as well. North shore is extremely seasonal so winter time is out of the question. There are thousands of diving points in Oahu. We just documented the well known locations. If you have any special locations you think we should review on please let us know.

Hawaii Shipwrecks Diving in Honolulu

South East Oahu

East and South East facing shores are very good diving and most experts who scuba dive in Hawaii would agree this is the drift dive point of Oahu. With China Walls and the Corsair airplane wreck your Hawaiian scuba adventure will be complete. Monk seals are very common around the China Walls, the popular Oahu dive site and scuba divers sometimes actually get to mingle with these cool mammals. Spitting caves in that same area is also a frequented spot by monk seals and many. By far, these Oahu diving locations are the most requested dive locations.

  • AM charters CERTIFIED DIVERS ONLY begin at 7:30AM. Return around 12:00. This is for certified divers only. This is a 2 tank Oahu dive for certified divers. First dive is a deep dive around 80-110 feet consisting of a plane wreck or a shipwreck.
  • PM charters begin with at 1:30PM to 5:00PM. These afternoon dives are 2 tank dives at a slower relaxed pace designed for certified dives who want long bottom times, first time scuba divers with no experience and refresher dive training.
  • Note Oahu Diving is extremely flexible and can cater to your schedule in most cases. Please call us or email us if you have any special scheduling requests. Our times can be changed to meet your schedules in some cases.
  • Average commuting time on dive boat is 10-20 minutes.

80-120 ft. Dives / Certified Divers Only / Advanced Dives / Drift / Cave Diving

25-60 ft. Reef Dives / Beginner Divers OK / Refresher Dives / First Time Diving

South Oahu

South facing shores of Oahu are very good contrary to what you may think. Just outside of big, dirty Honolulu city the shipwreck scuba diving and wreck dives are unreal. With the yo-257 and the Sea Tiger wreck just minutes away from Kewalo Boat Basin harbor this seems to be a favorite part of Oahu for scuba divers. Swells are generally small throughout the year allowing pretty much 365 days of superb scuba diving. PADI dive certifications are primarily conducted in this area due to the location being so close to Waikiki. Kewalo Boat Basin is roughly 8 minutes to the west of Waikiki. Not bad huh ? So doing the shipwreck and OR the Sea Tiger would definitely make your Hawaiian vacation complete...WAIT. Not true. There is more !

  • AM Charters CERTIFIED DIVERS ONLY begin at 7:15 to 11:30. These are 2 tank dives designed for shipwreck diving as the first dive and a 40-60 ft. reef dive afterwards. These dives are strictly for certified scuba divers.
  • PM charters begin 1:30 and finishes up around 5pm. These scuba dives are generally back to back reef dives from 40-60 feet. Designed for long bottom times, first time scuba diving and refresher dive training.
  • Average commuting time on boat - 15 minutes each way.

80-120 ft. Dives / Certified Divers Only / Advanced Dives

25-60 ft. Reef Dives / First Time Divers OK / Refresher Dives

Hawaii Scuba Diving Locations

Oahu dive locations are endless. Getting to the right diving spot requires a dive boat. Beach dives although plentiful do take a lot more work and effort and in the end the reward is far below that what you could have seen diving from a boat.

Oahu south shore dives are hands down some of the better dives you will find on Oahu. Most people think areas such as Honolulu and Waikiki may ruin coastal diving locations in Oahu. Frankly speaking south shore of Oahu with wreck dives such as the yo-257 or the Sea Tiger, then around Diamondhead, The Corsair and the Barges are some of the most requested dives.

Oahu Diving Locations

Curious about scuba diving courses or would you like to continue your diving adventures ? Below we have a list of out diving course programs along with the First Time Diver Program.

Scuba Diving Courses in Hawaii