Oahu plongée – Découvrir la plongée sous marine – première fois plongée Hawaii – baptême Oahu plongée sous-marine.

Scuba Diving Forms, Liability Release Forms

Scuba diving with Oahu Diving is very easy. The first step is to fill these forms out that apply to you. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these forms. It is important to read and understand these forms before participating in scuba diving. If you have any questions related to these forms please call us.

First Time Scuba Diving Form

Fill this form out if you have;

  • Have never been scuba diving before
  • Been diving before but have no certification
  • Got certified but forgot which agency you went with ( Have no card to show).
  • Started scuba diving training but never finished

Certified Scuba Divers

  • Fill this form out if you have a scuba diving certificate
  • If you just got certified and only have a paper certification card

Open Water Scuba Diver Referral Form

  • Fill this form out for your Open Water Referral Course ( Your final 4 open water dives)

Open Water Scuba Diver Medical Questionnaire Form

  • Fill this form out for your Open Water Course.
  • If you put "Yes" on this form you will need to consult with your physician.

Hawaii Scuba Diving Locations

Hey don't forget to click on the above link to see Oahu scuba diving locations.

First Time Scuba Diving

First time scuba diving in Hawaii is one of the best tours to do in Oahu. Most people think you need a special license to go diving in Hawaii. This is not true. The prerequisites for scuba diving are simple, good general health, comfortable in water and the ability to have a great time !

Oahu Scuba Locations

Scuba diving locations in Oahu are all based on several factors. The weather being number one. Weather in Hawaii can be tricky, sure it looks great outside, sun is shinning and gentle breeze. But did you know surface and underwater currents definitely determine if we can go diving or not ?

Curious about scuba diving courses or would you like to continue your diving adventures ? Below we have a list of out diving course programs along with the First Time Diver Program.

Scuba Diving Courses in Hawaii