Oahu plongée – Découvrir la plongée sous marine – première fois plongée Hawaii – baptême Oahu plongée sous-marine.


Certified Scuba Divers

Certified scuba divers- diving in Hawaii with Oahu Diving- Oahu Scuba Specialists located in Waikiki

Having your certification in scuba diving is extremely rewarding. Here at Oahu Diving, we realize this and would love the opportunity to show you some of Oahu's best diving locations. Our dive charter schedules are very flexible allowing you to get some dives in even if you are here in Honolulu for work or a limited time basis. Our Hawaii diving trips are fun, getting out to Oahu dive locations in about 15 minutes. Depending on your level of experience and number of dives you have previously made we can tailor your dives to your liking and experience level. Call us and let Oahu Diving help you plan a safe and and exciting dive adventure for you.

You know very well how much fun scuba diving Hawaii can be. Why not make it happen with Oahu Diving. Scuba diving on reefs, walls and shipwrecks we can show you the best Oahu diving locations. Have a buddy or spouse that is not certified ? Not a problem at all. We can take these people diving up to 40 feet- of course accompanied by a scuba instructor. These dives are the same dives we take our certified divers out to however we just don't go past 40 feet. This is a great way of introducing them to the wonderful world of diving without all the strict rules and blah blah blah that other dive companies may require. Click here to read up on our First Time Scuba Experience in Hawaii.

  • 2 tank scuba dives 40-60ft reef and or wall dives at 2 different locations- $120.00.
  • 2 tank scuba dives- 1st dive 80-120 foot wreck dive followed by a 40-60ft. reef dive- 2 different locations- $125.00*(advance certification required, must be able to set gear up, properly know how to work it and proof of 15 logged dives within 2 years)
  • Scuba gear is included.
  • Digital pictures are included

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Diving Locations Sea-sickness Information Shipwreck Diving Non-Cert Divers

Certified Divers- $120/125 gear always included

100% safety record - aren't all dive charters the same?

Thanks for visiting Oahu Diving of Hawaii. Your beginner scuba diving specialists, diving boat charters and PADI Scuba courses in Honolulu, Hawaii. Scuba diving Oahu located in Hawaii.

Certified Scuba Diving Tours

Free Digital Pictures. Just click on the below pictures to get a good idea of what kind of pictures you will get. We scaled these down to 800x450 for the website. You will be getting beautiful 4000x2248 or 12megapixel photos

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